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Top Management Skills for Technical Managers

A Webinar Series

Here’s the complete list of webinars being offered in the management series.Register for all ten and save big. That’s your best value and, besides, which skill can you do without? Download a complete description of each course here.

  1. Know Your Staff: Know Their Superpower and How to Use it
  2. Know Your Style: Do You Know Your Strengths and Communication Style?
  3. Know Your Boss: Five Things to Learn About Them to Make Your Work Life (and Theirs) Easier
  4. Know the Six Influencers Who Impact Your Effectiveness
  5. Know the External Factors Other Than the Data that are Influencing Organizational Trajectory
  6. Know the Person Who Gets Things Done in the Office
  7. Know a Broad Range of Information Sources to Support Big Decisions
  8. Know Five Steps that Challenge Your Initial Impressions
  9. Know the Vision for the Organization
  10. Know your Leadership Philosophy
Shelley Row at an Insightful Leadership Engineering Training

Our customers report better decision-making, greater productivity, reduced stress and improved teamwork.

Technically-talented managers can become perplexed by people issues, stymied by office politics and mystified by seemingly illogical decisions made by “management”. You don’t have to be perplexed, stymied or mystified if you have all the information you need.

Your staff work better in an environment that values their humanness. That means working with people who know more about them than the due date for their next deliverable.

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