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The Blue Fjord Leadership Challenge is an online program for technical professionals who want to gain leadership and management skills

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Grow Confidence.

Increase Insight.

Here’s the full curriculum:

  1. Week 1: Learn What is Inside Your Brain and How it Shows up at Work (Skill: Self-Awareness)

  2. Week 2: The Formula to Improve Employee Engagement (Skill: Empathy)

  3. Week 3: Harmony at Work: Learn to Manage your Boss (Skill: Empathy)

  4. Week 4: Active Listening Skills for a More Productive Workplace (Skill: Communication)

    Check-In Session

  5. Week 5: See Beyond the Data for Insightful Decision-Making (Skills: Adaptability, Awareness)

  6. Week 6: Delegation: Learn to Let Go So You Can Grow (Skill: Delegation)

  7. Week 7: Learn to Manage Difficult Conversations (Skills: Awareness, Motivation, Change Management)

  8. Week 8: Create Your Personal Leadership Philosophy (Skills: Vision, Leadership)

    Final Session (Capstone)

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Our customers report better decision-making, greater productivity, reduced stress and improved teamwork.

Technically-talented managers can become perplexed by people issues, stymied by office politics and mystified by seemingly illogical decisions made by “management”. You don’t have to be perplexed, stymied or mystified if you have all the information you need.

Your staff work better in an environment that values their humanness. That means working with people who know more about them than the due date for their next deliverable.

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